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Exclusive Offer

November Is Senior Month!

Your senior pet may benefit from one of our senior work-up packages at a special discount of 15 % off only during the month of November. As pets age, they undergo many of the same physical and mental changes that people do. Regular veterinary visits are key to helping your senior live a long, healthy, HAPPY life. Some of the changes you may notice as they approach their golden years are:

  • Decreased activity due to arthritis
  • Coughing or wheezing due to circulatory problems or heart disease
  • Ear shaking or pawing at their ears due to ear infections
  • Indications of hearing, sight or smell disorders
  • Incontinence due to bladder infections or loss of bladder control
  • Weight gain/loss due to Kidney Disease, Thyroid disorders or Diabetes

After the age of 7 our pets start to age internally; any changes in eating or drinking habits, mobility, odor, urination or bowel movements should all be monitored and reported to your veterinarian. In combination with aging, pets nutritional requirements also change. Senior pets often require diets that are lower in protein. Higher protein diets are harder on the Kidneys and by putting your pet on a diet that is specially-formulated for senior pets, you are helping prevent the progression or development of kidney-related disease. Age is not a disease; with regular veterinary care, healthy diet and close monitoring, many senior pets can live a healthy, active, HAPPY life free from discomfort or illness. It is up to you to give them the care they need and deserve!

Please call us to find out about all our packages and deals for senior month!!!

(250) 314-1861

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Welcome to Columbia Summit Veterinary Hospital

Your Veterinarian in Kamloops, BC
Call us at (250) 314-1861

Here at Columbia Summit Veterinary Hospital, our mission is to deliver veterinary service in a personal manner. We pride ourselves on our ability to make our clients feel at home from the moment they walk in the door! We believe in educating pet owners so they know how to ensure that their companions live a long, happy and healthy life.

If your pet has been seen by an emergency or referral service, a complementary recheck is done back here at our veterinary clinic.

After all they aren't just pets, they are family!

Animal Vet Services:
Wellness exams, vaccinations, dental cleanings, medical consults and therapy, in house lab (blood, urine, parasite), digital x-ray and dental x-ray, injury rehabilitation and grooming.

Surgical Services:
Soft tissue, spays, neuters, dental surgery(major and minor extractions), ophthalmic, otolaryngological, and orthopedic are some of the many surgical procedures we offer!

For questions or booking please call 250-314-1861

Dr. Paul Hunter, DVM

Kamloops Veterinarian | Columbia Summit Veterinary Hospital 

(250) 314-1861

1590 D Summit Drive
Kamloops, BC V2E 1E9'

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" I love coming to Columbia Summit Vet Hospital, not only do I get treats when I have been good, the staff are great too.  I love coming to see Dr. Hunter because he is so nice and when I have to get shots he does them quickly so they aren't painful and after I get treat.  I also know that my Furry Cat Sisters love coming too, not as much as I do because they don't like the car ride but they know if they don't feel good Columbia Summit will do everything they can to make it better.  Thanks for always taking care of me and my Sisters."
Hershey Brown

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